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Dziobas Rar Player 0.009.50    Apr 22, 2009 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Jul 19, 2014

Editorial review

This player is based on the well-known program - MPlayer. Despite what its name says, it doesn't just opens RAR, opening RAR is its distinctive feature. The program supports other formats and can be used as your default media player.

Formats that can be opened in Dziobas Rar Player

The player supports RAR (compressed DVIX and XVID, to be exact). It plays popular video formats, among them there are AVI, MPEG, MKV and RMVB. It also opens a few audio formats, for example: DVD, MKA, OGG and MP3.

Features of the player

  • Interface is very simple and dull, but it is also very clear which makes the player very easy to navigate;
  • Unlike many other players, Dziobas Player allows playing video and audio files from RAR archives without decompressing them;
  • Supports subtitles - the feature which is very convenient for users with hearing disability or those who learn a foreign language;
  • Automatically downloads subtitles for your movies (subtitles provided by Open Subtitles website);
  • Subtitles can be customized: size, position, delay, pause between lines, etc. (they can be disabled if necessary);
  • Allows making screenshots while watching videos;
  • Doesn't require any additional codecs for playing formats listed above;
  • Allows watching streaming videos (File - Open URL);
  • Supports shortcuts;
  • Also offers debugging options and filters;
  • Despite the fact that this software is very simplistic, it still allows customizing certain video settings, for example: brightness, contrast, subtitles position, aspect ratio (4: 3, 16: 9, 2.35 or default), volume, sharpening, saturation and hue, gamma.


  • Allows customizing video settings;
  • Allows downloading and customizing subtitles;
  • Opens DVIX & XVID from RAR.


  • Dull interface;
  • Supports very few formats.

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