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by SoftwarePuppy Mar 26, 2014

Editorial review

The name of the program speaks for itself: DVD Shrink shrinks DVD. But it's not all it does: it copies DVDs, saves content on your computer and shrinks it only if necessary.

What it includes

DVD Shrink is actually a pack of tools:
  • The main tool is for shrinking DVDs;
  • Re-authoring tool for DVDs;
  • DVD media player.

How it works

Insert a DVD into the DVD slot and launch the program. Click on Source and locate the disc you have just inserted. The program is going to scan your disc content, it may take a couple of seconds. Once it's done you'll see the list of elements displayed on the left side of the screen. Choose those that you want to save and omit elements you don't need: it can be subtitles, additional audio tracks, etc. In the Target Size Selection section customize the level of compression by dragging a slider. After you are done, pick an output folder and click Shrink. The process can be stopped if necessary.

While compression is in progress, there are preview window and a progress bar displayed. Program also shows the total number of frames and frames per second, elapsed time and remaining time.


  • As mentioned above, the pack includes a tool that lets you re-author discs. You can add or delete sequences from various sources;
  • DVD Shrink also allows to back up DVDs;
  • Has a built-in manual.


  • Some minor loss in quality after compression is possible;
  • The built-in player has a very plain interface and only the most basic controls.

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