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DAEMON Tools lite    Oct 28, 2013 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
Size: 13.3 MB
Developer: Daemon-tools
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from daemon-tools.cc
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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 11, 2013

Editorial review

Daemon tools is software that is able to break even a very strong copy protection. It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. This tool is usually used by video games lovers who wish to copy discs with games. The program can create and burn disc images and add virtual DVDs to your PC (up to four discs). It is very convenient for users of netbooks and tablets and those who for some reason can't insert a disc into their computer. The installation process takes some time and requires reboot afterwards.

Interface and usage

Interface of the program is clear and all the options are easy to reach. One of the advantages of the program is that it stays out of the way when you don't need it but can be easily accessed from the desktop. The main window represents:
  • Images area "" shows catalog of images and their info: names and location;
  • Media info area "" offers to learn more about your disc images and can be closed when you don't need it;
  • Main toolbar "" allows adding images to the catalog, mount or unmount them, add or remove virtual drives;
  • Drives area "" shows virtual drives.


  • The program creates and saves images of CDs / Blu-ray discs / DVDs as files;
  • DAEMON tools has following file associations to offer: MDS, MDF, ISO, BWT, B6T, B5T, CCD, ISZ, CUE, PDI, CDI and NRG; it also lets to mount images on a device;
  • Additional supported image files are: APE image, FLAC image, MDX;
  • The tool has virtual CD and DVD ROM;
  • If you choose to update the program monthly, it will do so automatically;
  • It lets users install and play games without an actual disc;
  • Can mount 2 virtual discs at once.

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