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Bus Driver 1.5.2    Jul 21, 2011 release

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Language: English
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Developer: Scssoft
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Short Description

Bus Driver 1.5.2 is a bus simulating game for those who wonder what it's like to drive a bus. The game is very realistic: you have to stick to the schedule, make sure your passengers are safe and pleased. Not only do you have to stick to the schedule, you have to stick to your route, driving regulations and avoid being late.


  • There are over 30 routes at your service, the city is large and you won't get bored doing your job. The game is set in the US, and most buses have American design, although there are also some European buses, too;
  • A player can choose from over 12 available vehicles, there are buses that transfer passengers to and from an airport, buses for delivering passengers around the city, a bus for prisoners, a school bus and a tourist bus;
  • The game offers a wide variety of weather conditions that you have to take into account. When you pick a vehicle and a route, you are warned about the weather and asked to be careful if it's raining or snowing. You also get to pick tiers suitable for the current weather condition (there are 5 types of them);
  • The bar at the bottom of the screen shows how many passengers are in the bus, how many passengers are leaving, sitting or standing. You can also see the speed, reflection in the rare view mirror and your location on a mini map in the bottom left-hand corner;
  • On the list of accomplished duties you see: the number of transported passengers, on-time bonus, driving bonus, driving penalty. You are granted points if you work well, but in case penalties take place, some of the points get taken away;
  • You are offered 5 levels of difficulty; points are assigned for following the driving regulations, route and schedule. If you are bad at driving (e.g. if you brake too hard, if the motions are not smooth and trajectory is sharp), passengers will be upset which is going to decrease your game score.

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