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Audio Record Wizard 6.99.30826

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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 12, 2014

What does this tool do

Audio Record Wizard is the sound recorder for Windows OS which is fully comprehensible even for the beginning computer users. Despite its simplicity it provides the complete set of all the essential functions for professional result. Audio Record Wizard works with sound card directly. That allows to make the quality records. For example you may create the microphone record which will be of the same quality as CD record.

Further information

Even amateur users will be able to record the sounds. It is necessary to choose the input device, set up all the necessary recording parameters such as volume or sound quality and click the Record button. Regardless of the input device type you will be able to create the quality recordings. In case you have a powerful computer and this program isn't launched alongside with any other ones it is possible to save the record in MP3 format to your HDD directly. It is also possible to save the sound data in WAV file and later convert it to MP3 audio format.

Additional functions

Music fans use powerful functions of Audio Record Wizard for sound correction of your record. Choose 11, 22 or 44 KH for getting the ultimate audio. It is possible to create mono or stereo recordings. Use this app wisely. For low-quality files it is better to choose 32 bitrate. However in case you need some better characteristics set up 329 bitrate. Besides that this smart tool is able to skip fragments with unnecessary sounds automatically. For example you may skip some silence periods of long applause pauses. It is also possible to use the in-built timer tool in order to stop the recording process automatically when necessary.

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