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Astroburn 1.0.91    Feb 24, 2009 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win XP / Win Vista
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by SoftwarePuppy Mar 10, 2014

Editorial review

Astroburn is an advanced burner that works not only with CDs, but DVDs (including HD DVD) and Blu-Ray discs. Aside from recording, Astroburn creates ISO, rips and erases discs.

What the software offers

  • Astroburn works with following optical carriers: DVD-R and RW, DVD+R and RW, CD-R and RW, BD-R and RE, DVD-RAM;
  • Program records following disc types: data disc, audio CD, karaoke CD, mixed mode CD, CD extra, video CD, video DVD, audio DVD;
  • With Astroburn you can create images of files & discs with your data or audio and burn those images to a disc;
  • Interface of the program is clear and easy to figure out, there are only five tabs: File, Actions, Options, View and Help (the Help tab can be used if you need a prompt);
  • A disc can be recorded in a couple of clicks, no tutorial needed;
  • Allows to protect information with a password;
  • Erases discs before burning (if necessary);
  • Rips discs allowing you to copy their content onto PC;
  • Astroburn offers a browser toolbar so you can easily access the program anytime you want (developers claim the toolbar can be removed in no time);
  • While program is working, it displays a progress bar showing elapsed time and %. If it annoys you, click to enter Background mode so the tool works quietly and its window doesn't bother you;
  • Once you enter the program, it analyzes inserted disc, shows free space, planned space, exceeded space and used space, displays the number of files, folders and their size.

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