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Anim8or 0.95 b    Mar 9, 2007 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Sep 15, 2014

About the program

Creating 3D animated object may sometimes be a tricky task. In order to make just a few seconds of something resembling the products of Disney or Pixar, a group of qualified specialists may spend more than a week. Even before you decide that everything is ready you should test, improve and develop your product for some time. In order to create a quality professional animated videos a whole batch of software and hardware is required. However in case you wish to create something less great Anim8or be will be a helpful tool. Anim8or is a free animation designing tool which allows the users to model and build 3D moving objects. In case you are interested in basic animation concepts and wish to create simple virtual 3D models pay attention to Anim8or.


Anim8or may seem to be a little bit tricky and not so comfortable. In fact this app couldn't be called a professional one, so you may face some difficulties when applying this tool. The navigation system isn't that smart and performing simple actions as painting, zooming, rotating the objects may take some more time than normally. One of the most significant disadvantages of Anim8or is the fact that it is totally impossible to add light sources. That prevent the final product from looking complete and smooth. However if you manage to apply all the provided tools you will get the good result. 3D objects will look quite smooth and neat but they won't look highly realistic because or light reflexes absence.


Anim8or is a good application for those who only begin to study 3D animation modeling. This basic batch of tools is great for creating simple animated objects.

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