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Angry Birds 3.0 Windows PC    Jan 9, 2014 release

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Language: English
OS: Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 31, 2013

Editorial review

Today it is practically impossible to find a person who has never heard of Angry Birds game. Angry Birds is one of the most popular games of casual genre nowadays. It is based on physics engine and provides the life-like gameplay.


The plot of Angry Birds is quite simple and easy to comprehend. The birds used to protect their nests full of eggs. Distracted by killing a moth the birds lost their eggs. The eggs were stolen by the pigs. The task of birds is to take their eggs back from the pigs.


Angry Birds game includes three basic categories determining the level of gameplay. They are Episodes which consist of Locations where Levels are situated. The levels of each Episode are united by the common theme and plot.


Each level gameplay starts with demonstration of Evil Green Pigs which are hiding in unstable buildings consisting of round stones, wood, glass and stone blocks. According to the task the pigs need to be destroyed. After that a gamer sees the kamikaze birds which are to be used as ball projectiles for a large slingshot. The bodies of birds are able to destroy the obstacles and kill the pigs. The mission is complete if all the pigs are destroyed. The pigs may be killed not only with birds but also with falling stones and construction blocks.

Types of birds

  • Red birds don't have any specific abilities. They are accessible on the start levels;
  • Blue birds are effective to destroy the glass constructions. Each blue bird triples itself while flying;
  • Yellow birds are able to accelerate an are effective for damaging the wooden constructions;
  • Black birds may be used as bombs. They are strong enough to destroy the stone constructions;
  • White birds are able to bomb the enemies with explosive eggs;
  • Green birds may be used a boomerang when it is impossible to hit the enemy construction with a direct hit.

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