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Adobe Flash Lite 2.1    Aug 30, 2007 release

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Language: English
OS: Win XP
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Developer: Adobe
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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 19, 2014

Editorial review

Adobe Flash Lite is a player that you can use to view videos and animation. Flash technology is the most popular way of viewing web content, and Adobe Flash Lite gives you an easy access to it without installing any additional software.


As any other player, Adobe Flash Lite has standard buttons like Play, Stop, Rewind, and Pause. The interface is quite twisted though, if not to say user unfriendly. Anyways, you'll get used to it after utilizing it for a while.

You will need Adobe Flash Lite for multiple purposes:

  • Viewing SWF and Flash videos;
  • Sending and viewing postcards;
  • Setting screensavers and wallpapers;
  • Playing Flash games;
  • Browsing Flash-based websites.
Flash Lite is required for many OS and browsers however, keep in mind that different manufacturers and platforms require different versions of Adobe Flash Lite.

New features

  • 2.1 version of the program supports Action Script 2.0;
  • The program can play zipped SWF files.
Long story short, it's impossible to play media files and games without this tool, and its good characteristics help you enjoy video and animation.

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