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AceMoney Lite 4.31    Jan 15, 2014 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Feb 23, 2014

Editorial review

If you are having a hard time managing your personal finances, AceMoney can be your personal accountant and help you organize your income wisely. As the title says, AceMoney Lite is lighter version of AceMoney - an advanced utility for organizing and managing personal finances.


The program is very intuitive and simple even for those who have never dealt with budget managers before. You can easily find all the necessary tools due to a user friendly panel. You can configure the settings to make the program easier to use. Lack of aesthetics and design doesn't make this application any worse and its simple look reminds you that you are actually managing finances.

The program is perfect for personal use and even for a small business. Unfortunately, the Lite version can't work with multiple accounts and won't suit for medium and large enterprises.


  • Many people spend money impulsively and wonder where their money goes when try to compare debit and credit. If you have ever tried to track your monthly expenses, AceMoney Lite would help you do this task effectively. It offers a special tool for tracking certain expenses and shows you the result in comprehensible charts;
  • If you invest money in things, you can use this program to manage your investments. AceMoney automatically download the parameters for certain types of investments and helps you track the tendencies;
  • For those who deal with foreign currencies, AceMoney offers a handy tool for easy exchange rate calculations;
  • Useful tool for timely payments won't let you miss your monthly bill and mortgage payments;
  • The application makes budget planning easy by supplying you with multiple spending categories;
  • The program is integrated with popular payment systems like PayPal.

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