How to Use Dvd Shrink

Sandu Mar 3, 2014


How to Use Dvd Shrink DVD Shrink is a freeware program for copying DVD disks on HDD or saving their content as ISO files in order to burn them later. Besides that DVD Shrink is able to compress data effectively, for example it is possible to compress 8 Gb of data stored on double-sided DVD up to 4 Gb. That will allow to record the same volume of data to only one DVD side. In case you need to copy DVD and compress the files this tool will become the best software solution. This guide will explain how to use this tool. First of all it is necessary to download and install this program before you actually start using it.

Step-by-Step User Guide

  • Launch your DVD with the help of DVD Shrink. In the left part of the main menu choose the large square button "Open Disc". In the pop-up window select the name of your DVD and click "OK". Now wait for the program to analyze the content of your disc. After that you will see all the files stored on your DVD in a frame on the left side of the interface called DVD Structure;
  • Now you need to choose the shrinking options. Click the coordinate line and search for the necessary parameters in the drop-down menu. Automatic shrinking option will compress all file types for fitting them on a custom DVD 5 disc. Choose the necessary shrinking profile in accordance with the file types. Untick the boxes with unnecessary files. It is also possible to remove audio tracks or images in order to minimize the size of output ripped video;
  • As you finish setting up parameters you need to create DVD copy. Click "Back Up" button in the main menu. Choose the task. Select "Target Device" tab in the pop-up window and specify your goals. In case you wish to copy the files on your computer choose "Hard Disk Folder". In case you wish to save the files for further burning select "ISO Image File". Specify the location of the output folder and click "OK" button.


Do not use content that was copied by means of DVD Shrink to make any profit of it. It is illegal and you are breaking copyright laws by such actions.


DVD Shrink is able to copy encrypted DVD as well. DVD Shrink can't burn files to DVD directly. In case you wish to do that you will have to use additional software tools, for example Nero Burning ROM or ImgBurn. Take into consideration that it also doesn't convert files. If you wish to view your files on some external device you should use converting software.

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