How to Use Daemon tools

GimpuFan Jun 3, 2014


How to Use Daemon tools Daemon Tools is a highly powerful but pretty lightweight application for creating ISO images. For those who don't know, ISO image is a clone of a disc that completely emulates it even if you don't use a physical drive. Daemon Tools are commonly used to create ISO images of the games and other CDs/DVDs and this program is also a very popular backup tool. It's really easy to use and once you have an idea of how it works you can create ISO files within a minute.


You can download DAEMON Tools and setup the program first to enjoy all its benefits. Once the program is installed, you will see the icon on your system tray. Right click on it and select the Virtual CD/DVD-ROM option. Set the number of devices depending on your needs.

Then, right click that icon again and go to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM as you did before. Click on the Device 0 thing and choose the Mount Image option. After that, the program will create an ISO image of the disc and save it on your computer.


If you want to create an ISO image of the game from a physical disc, you should remember that many games come with Digital Rights Management protection that prevents copyright violations. If that's the case, Daemon Tools wouldn't be useful because the game differentiates between a real disc and an ISO image. It just wouldn't work.


Creating ISO images can be extremely beneficial for you: you can save money on physical media, backup system files, etc. Unfortunately, this tool doesn't work with files that come with copyright protection, but in case your disc isn't protected you would love Daemon Tools. Mounting an image only takes a few seconds even if the size of the data is really big. If you are having speed problems, try to reboot the program. Also, don't forget to check the extension of the ISO - Daemon Tools don't support certain formats.

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