How to Remove Yahoo Toolbar

Alice90 Mar 20, 2014


How to Remove Yahoo Toolbar Yahoo toolbar can be annoying, like any other toolbar. There are easy ways to uninstall Yahoo toolbar if you use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7. In this article we cover all those ways and hope you find provided information useful. This article is divided into three sections, pick one that suites you (depending on what browser you use) and begin.


Mozilla Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox, then open your browser and find the main menu. If you can't seem to find it, look for the orange button in the top left-hand corner. Click on that button and select Add ons from the drop-down list. If you can't find Add ons, look in "Tools" of the main menu. Once you press Extensions (side menu of add ons), look for Yahoo Toolbar. Once you find it, click on it, there will be two buttons: Disable and Remove. Click Remove. Restart your browser (close it, then open again).

Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, open your browser and choose Tools. Pick Add ons from the Tools menu. Then press Toolbars and Extensions, search for Yahoo Toolbar, once you find it press Disable. After that restart your browser: close it, then open again. If changes aren't enacted, restart your PC, if the toolbar doesn't disappear, go to your browser and check if it is actually disabled.

Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome, then open your browser and find the main menu (it's the text button with three lines, in the top right-hand corner of the browser window). Click on it and choose Settings from the drop-down menu. In the Settings window choose Extensions (under History in the side menu). From the list of extensions pick Yahoo Toolbar, then untick the "Enabled" box. Close Google Chrome. When you open it again, Yahoo Toolbar will be disabled.

Pay attention to the following

Don't install random add ons

Never install extensions that you don't need: they can come with some programs and most people don't pay attention to whether or not they agree to install an extension along with the program. If you are offered to install an extension while installing some software, untick corresponding boxes.

If you can't uninstall or find an add on

If for some reason you can't uninstall Yahoo Toolbar, go to Yahoo support page and read more about it. If you can't find the add on in your browser to uninstall it, read more about how to uninstall an add on in your browser.

Don't uninstall the toolbar if you need it

Don't uninstall Yahoo Toolbar if you are not sure you are not going to need it in the future. Memorize how to install it again in case you ever need it.


When installing new software, always read conditions, don't just keep pressing "Next" and "ok", read text in every window to avoid installing stuff that you don't need. If you accidentally get a virus on your PC, perform system restore, and remember to create restore points every once in a while.

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