How to Recover Deleted Files

GimpuFan Jan 26, 2014


How to Recover Deleted Files It is likely that almost every person has at least once faced this unpleasant situation when he or she had deleted an important file by a mistake. It is hard to imagine how many people start tearing their hair in terror having deleted their term paper, annual finance report, the photo collection or just the article which was almost ready. Commonly any OS is to request the permission to delete any file to prevent the sudden unexpected losses but the effectiveness of that requests gets less and less significant. The algorithm of deleting a file turns into an automatically fulfilled action for any experienced user. We don't stop and think when we press the button "Delete" and proceed with the button "Enter". The warning is rarely read by the people and the button "yes" is selected on default. The more effective way is the procedure of deleting that consists of the two steps. It presupposes that the deleted file is moved to the folder called the "bin". You may easily recover the deleted file just replacing it from the bin to the desktop. But that methods doesn't give the 100% guarantee that the deleted files will be restored by all means. First of all it is possible to delete the files without placing them into the bin. It is enough to hold the shit button while you are pressing the delete button. The bin may be overloaded or remain in the non-active mode. There may be no pop up windows with the warning that usually appear in that case. Moreover you may delete the DOS files. They won't get into the bin but will be deleted completely. Finally you may clean the bin. But that isn't all. Several years ago the people who used the floppy disks noticed that the files were removed from the floppy without going to the bin. The same situation is with the flash memory drivers. So what to do if you have just deleted an important file completely?

Execution of the Process

Keep calm

First of all don't panic. Any file system is developed in a specific way so that even the completely deleted files won't just disappear. Any deleted file stays in the special file archive. It is marked as the deleted one. You may say farewell to your file only in case the OS places the new information on the same place. However they say that the programming intelligence services are able to find the deleted file even after two or three data recordings. But the average computer user can't use these methods of course.

Search in FAT and NTFS

It is easy to recover deleted files in FAT. In case of NTFS it will only take slightly more time and effort. Any freshman student studying computer processing will help you to cope with that problem. So it is sensible to ask for help.

Use special recovery software

If you don't feel like making it clear what is what in file logs you may download one of the software applications aimed to restore the deleted files. Such software tools as Recuva, Pen Drive Data Recovery Software, Pandora Recovery, Wise Data Recovery can simplify the process of recovering deleted or lost files considerably. All you need to do is to download, install and run the application. It will scan your hard drive and ask you which files would you like to recover.


  • Don't try to change the system settings of your computer. That may also damage the system significantly.


We recommend you using help of special software programs since their main purpose is to restore files easily and they don't require any special skills or knowledge from the users. This will guarantee you will restore your files successfully without any loss of data and in no time.

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