How to Open Pdf Files

Alice90 Jan 8, 2014


How to Open Pdf Files PDF, or portative document format, is one of the most popular formats for storing documents. DOC is a strong competitor but unless you need to edit the file, PDF is a smarter choice. There is a wide range of programs that open PDF. They can be divided into two main categories: programs that simply allow viewing and reading PDF files and programs that can open and edit them, add comments and shapes. Here we'll view both types and some other ways to open PDF.

Ways to Open PDF Files

PDF viewers

PDF viewers are primitive programs that allow opening PDF in order to finally access valuable information. These programs usually have minimalistic interface and can deal with both: text and images inside PDF. Such Tools are Adobe Reader, Perfect PDF Reader, ActiveX PDF Viewer and others.

PDF viewers & editors

Any program that can edit PDF can also view it. In general, programs that can edit PDF are much more practical than programs designed only for opening them. An editor usually allows adding comments, fixing misspells, adding text or changing it, adding shapes (colored circles, stars, squares, arrows, etc.) or sticky notes, changing canvas color and more. Among such programs there are, for example, Adobe Acrobat and PDF-XChange Viewer.

Online PDF viewers

This option is for people who don't like downloading and installing software on their computer. Online readers require uploading a file in order to view it. Some of them, like PDF Online Reader, also offer editing tools. If you only need to open PDF and not edit it, then you should probably proceed to the next section of the article.

Your Browser

PDF can be viewed in your browser. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are perfect for that, Internet Explorer "" not so much. Right-click on the file you are willing to open and select Open With Google Chrome or Firefox. Both browsers support drag and drop feature: you may open the browser, click on the file and drag it right into the browser window. The file will load immediately regardless of your Internet connection (i.e. you don't even need Internet connection for that).


  • As you see, there's a plenty of ways to open PDF for free so don't use paid programs for that;
  • Don't try to edit official documents or other kinds of important files;
  • Don't get upset if you can't open PDF, it doesn't necessarily mean the tool you are using is bad, it may mean the document you are trying to view is encrypted (passworded). Not every tool can crack this kind of protection.


From all the options that we have offered above, our first choice would be Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, our second choice would be installing PDF viewers and editors. The lesser known programs should always come last. If you are dealing with an encoded document you may want to contact its creator and ask for the password (if possible).

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