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Jeffy Jan 13, 2014


How to Make a Pdf PDF file format is widely used among the professional of almost all the spheres. The overwhelming popularity of that file format is explained by the fact that PDF provides almost the precise display of the file. In that way you are able to see the document that you get after printing it out. On the opposite the DOC documents often don't display the outcome result especially if the font is not installed onto the computer. PDF presupposes inbuilt fonts and graphic objects providing with the saved document. PDF was designed as the outcome file format aimed to view the files before printing them out. In that way if you have to pass the printed PDF document that you haven't seen some other person you may be quite sure that its outcome characteristics are retained. Nowadays there is the whole range of the various PDF applications starting from the easiest ones like Adobe Acrobat to the complicated Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Acrobat is commonly used by the office workers who have to deal with the simple documents. Adobe Illustrator is valued by the professionals.


What software to use?

Using Adobe Acrobat you will also be able to convert the web pages in PDF but the result won't be perfect and to get the well-structured document you will have to adjust it using Adobe Illustrator. Converting the DOC file to PDF is sensible if the document is primitive and simple (or has been initially created with the help of Microsoft Word) and contains a lot of pages.

How to Make a PDF

  • To create the PDF file you will have to install Adobe Acrobat onto you computer. In that way the only thing you will need to do is to create the required document in the DOC file format, open it and click the button Adobe PDF. As a rule if the original DOC file has been created correctly (none of the elements are located beyond the margin and the text is normally formatted) there won't be any problems with the converting process. The advantages of this method are the rapid speed of the process and the high degree of compression provided by Adobe Acrobat. One of the disadvantages concerns the Word document as it is rather difficult to create a masterpiece in MS Word;
  • If you need to create the PDF file that will contain two or maximum three pages of complicated text and sophisticated graphic objects you will need Adobe Illustrator. The matter is that is it practically impossible to create the complicated documents using MS Word. For example you won't be able to use the complex gradient background, the text which follows the whirled or wavy lines or the photos that are overlaid.
  • First of all you need to create a file. Choose the "Letter" size of the document if its size and shape are not specified;
  • Edit the content. It is important that the text could be read easily especially if the background is bright.
  • Take into consideration the potential audience. That means think of the people who will read that document. If the PDF file is a leaflet or some hand-put materials you should use the photos of the maximum quality- from 150 dpi. If the PDF file will be sent vis e-mail it is better to choose 70- 100 dpi images;
  • The last step is to save the document. The click on the "Save" button will open a pop up window with the file name field. Type in the name of the file and select "OK".

Things to avoid

  • Don't try to make the complicated documents using MS Word. Adobe Illustrator will be much more helpful;
  • Don't try to stretch the low-quality image. It is better to choose another one with higher resolution.


It may be a complicated task to make a perfect PDF file. Try to look through the works of your colleagues before you start your first project. If you are not quite sure in your professional skills start with minimalistic elegant style.

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