How to Fix a Scratched Cd

GimpuFan Jan 29, 2014


How to Fix a Scratched Cd Even a little scratch on your disc can affect its work. There are different kinds of scratches. If a scratch "crosses" the disc, it may still work. But if a scratch goes along the edge or the disc spiral, an entire track or piece of data can be whipped out. The problem may be your CD player or your computer. Check your system for viruses and errors. If your disc isn't completely ruined, back it up before it's too late. You should always have a back up and a set of CD cases or envelops for storing discs.

What You Can Possibly Do

Clean the disc

Examine your disk carefully. Make sure there is no dust. Even if it seems to be ok, clean it with a cloth or a soft brush to avoid any damage. Even if there is a visible scratch, cleaning the disc should be your first step. If dirt doesn't come off, clean the disc with a moist cloth. Water should be warm. You can apply a little bit liquid soap to cleanse the surface and wash it off afterwards. Let the disc dry - do not dry it with a towel or a cloth; don't let the direct sunlight fall on the shiny side of the disc. Play the disc. If this doesn't work, try to play disc with some other device. Try to burn other disc while this one still works.

Use software

Recover data from a CD by means of data recovery software. For example try 7-Data Card Recovery is a great tool that will help you to retrieve data from your CD for sure.

Wax the disc

Try waxing your disc using Vaseline, liquid car wax or neutral shoe polish. Apply a very thin coat. Gently remove the rest of wax with a paper towel. Note: This is only a temporary measure for you to back up your data.


Turn the light on and warm the shiny side of the disc (just for 20 seconds!). Keep the disc 4 inches (10 cm) away from the bulb.

Professional help

If none of these methods works, take your disc to a music store and ask their professional help.

Scratch remover & CD refinishing machine

If a scratch isn't deep, get a disc scratch remover, it may work. If you have many scratched discs or your disc contains very important data, you can consider getting a CD refinishing machine (those are 25 $ - 300 $). If the scratch on your CD is deep, try to remove it using "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser".

What You Should Avoid

  • Don't use any abrasive substances to polish your disc! In some cases it works, but you may ruin the disc.
  • Don't forget to back up.
  • Don't warm the disc using a light bulb longer than 30 seconds - the disc may start melting.


Fixing a scratched CD can be pretty hard, which is why your every CD should be carefully stored. Use CD cases or CD envelopes to avoid this sort of problems in the future. Be very careful when trying to repair a CD, otherwise you can ruin it completely.

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