How to Delete Search History

GimpuFan Jun 4, 2014


How to Delete Search History What do we do when we hear some bogus news or facts about ridiculous or weird stuff? Right you are, we go to google it. Some people google themselves to see if someone has already created their fanclub or on the contrary people are gossiping behind the back. Others google their Exes just to find out how they live since the breakup. And there are people who can don't know obvious things so it could be a shame to show their ignorance. Sometimes Google search history might get even nastier and become more provoking than PM on social websites. If you don't really want to leave traces of what you were searching for in Google, all you need to do is clear your search history. If you don't know how to delete search history, we are here to help.

User Guidelines

No matter what browser you are using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera the instructions here will be the same. Google search history is saved when you are logged in to your Google account. So here is how you can delete search history.

  • Log in your Google account and go directly to page;
  • You will see the page where on the left you will see the types of the websites you were visiting and on the right your history that is organized in a day by day order. Tick the items you want to delete and then hit Remove items button on the top of the history and below the diagrams;
  • If you wish to delete everything once and for all - go to Settings (a wheel in the top right corner) and there select Delete all option that you will see highlighted blue in the text. Over there in settings you can turn off search history as well, this button locates right after the text you will see.


  • If you were looking for inappropriate stuff and your SO is a very suspicious person, don't neglect clearing history in the right way. Never delete all - it will be obvious that you have just erased all the history of that day. Use your brains and whenever you understand that there are things you will delete later on, at the same in parallel visit other resources like 9Gag or anything like that, it will not be suspicious at all when you do your business and remove all the history of the day;
  • Remove cookies and cache - these buddies will let you get caught easily.


There's nothing wrong if you google some silly stuff that crossed your mind like how does a fried orange taste or how do hedgehogs mate. Or you don't want your partner or family members to find out that the amazing facts about the appearance of Egyptian pyramids was nothing else but an article you just read 10 minutes ago. To keep your innocent secret away simply clear your search history. Another great option is to use Private browsing (or incognito mode) while using which browsing history and search history is not saved and not seen.

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