How to Convert a Pdf to a Word Document

Alice90 Jan 11, 2014


How to Convert a Pdf to a Word Document PDF is short for Portative Document Format. PDF is very convenient for the number of reasons: sharing PDF files over the Internet is easy and absolutely safe. In addition to that PDF is compatible with any Operating System: Mac, Linux, UNIX, Windows and etc. When one scans documents they usually choose to keep them in PDF format, as this format is convenient to read and it prevents the document from being edited by other users. PDF is easily converted to other popular format that allows editing texts - MS Word Document. MS Word is familiar to every computer user; it is convenient and easy to use. Even if for some reason you have never used MS Word before, you can easily figure out how it works.



The most popular program for converting PDF to MS Word is ABBYY FineReader. Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to convert PDF to Word using Finereader.

  • Open the ABBY FineReader. Have a look at the program toolbar. Click on the"Open Image" button;
  • In the pop up window that appears you will need to go to the location of the file you are willing to convert. Click on the file when you find it. Wait for the file to load. You are going to need to choose the language of the document, so the program recognizes all the symbols right;
  • Choose the type of the text / image. What is it? Is it a table / an image / a chart / just a text? Are there columns? A program needs to know that in order to transfer all the information and preserve the formatting;
  • Open Word 2013 (search for the special button - MS Word icon right in the FineReader window). To transfer information from PDF to MS Word, select the section, define it (a text / an image / a diagram) and transfer it to MS Word;
  • Save the MS Word document. To save the document, you are going to need to choose the extension (*doc). Name the document. Remember the location of the document you just saved;
  • To edit the document and correct possible errors, go to the MS Word document location, open and edit it.

PDF to Word converters

There is a plenty of tools that can help you convert PDF to Word and back. Select one of such tools, but make sure you read program description attentively before you pick and download one. Download and install that program, then open it, within the program window select the file that you want to convert and start the process. Take a look at one of the following programs: SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter, PDF To Word Converter Free, AnyBizSoft PDF to Word, Boxoft PDF to Word

Online PDF to Word converters

Use an online converter if you don't want to install any additional software onto your PC. Upload your file, choose to convert it and then press the corresponding button do download your converted file of now Word format back onto the PC. Some of the online converters handle only small-size documents and if you need to convert a large file it may take a long time which is why it is better to find a downloadable tool.


  • If you scan documents, save them in PDF and convert to MS Word right away, then you shouldn't forget to erase all the possible pencil marks from the documents you scan, otherwise it will be hard for the program to get what those marks are, which will make conversion harder;
  • If you still don't get how to convert PDF to MS Word, it is probably because you have other version of the program, don't press the buttons if you are not sure what they do, just watch a few tutorials on how it's done;
  • Don't forget to make a copy of the PDF file before you start converting (just in case).


Unlike PDF, MS Word allows editing documents. It is also convenient because MS Word can be converted to any known document format, you can convert it back to PDF if you like. Select the method that you think would correspond your needs the most. We do not recommend using the online method as it is time consuming and not all of the online resources are reliable.

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