How to Convert Vhs to Dvd

Sandu Jan 27, 2014


How to Convert Vhs to Dvd We witnessed the beginning of digital age, we still remember tapes that could hold only a couple of movies (the maximum length was 360 minutes). Now we can keep as many movies as we like on one little USB flash disk. Most of us don't even have a VCR at home. Nonetheless, every one of us has a tape that they would like to re-watch every once in a while - the day your child was born / your wedding day / your graduation or something else. Now we can have all the information we need on a small disk or flash drive. It is really amazing, but let's have a look at the other side of the coin: what do we do with our old pictures and tapes? How do we preserve memories? There is a way to do that - you can transform VHS (Video Home System) into DVD (Digital Video Disk).

Full Instruction

First of all you need to know that you can't possibly convert VHS to DVD if you don't have special equipment:

  • VCR and all the cables it came with;
  • TV tuner;
  • Video capture program (usually comes with a TV tuner) or software that can convert VHS to DVD.

Instruction on converting VHS to DVD

  • If you don't have a TV tuner video capture program, get PowerVCR, Golden Video VHS to DVD Converter or BAO TV. Install it onto your computer;
  • Install the tuner base plate, drivers and codecs. You can practice using some tapes you don't need, or create one by recording a TV show if you have to. Keep in mind that this process takes time and patience;
  • Once you get a tape in VCR, connect VCR to TV tuner via RSA slot ("tulip"). Audio cable is to be plugged in the line input of the sound card or TV tuner via RSA mini Jack;
  • Launch the video capture program on your PC and turn on the VCR. Audio and video streams are recorded separately. For now you may skip processing of the streams - you can do it later;
  • As a result you will get two files - mute video & audio. They have to be processed by means of such software solutions as VirtualDub.
  • The last finishing step is burning a DVD with the ready video file. Use any of the following software: Nero Burning ROM, Nero Kwik Burn, Free Easy CD DVD Burner or Ashampoo Burning Studio 2013 to complete the last step of VHS to DVD conversion.

Pay Attention

  • Don't start the procedure before you make sure you have everything you need: all the cables, and, of course, a video capture program;
  • If you have trouble doing this, you always can ask a friend for help or pay to get it done by pros.


Old video tapes can contain valuable information, for instance important events that took place long time ago. Following guidelines above you will successfully convert VHS to DVD. Be attentive and patient when working with tapes and processing streams.

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