How to Convert Mp4 to Mp3

Sandu Dec 23, 2013


How to Convert Mp4 to Mp3 Music is what no one can live without. Thanks to the Internet now we have access to any song we like. Such sites as YouTube, and others provide us a plenty of songs and music videos. The only problem is: you need Internet access for that. You never know if you are going to have Internet connection tomorrow or in a month, besides the Internet speed isn't always good. This is why it is better to listen to the music offline, using your favorite media player. There is a plenty of audio file formats, which is great, but may cause inconvenience, this is why you need to know how to convert files.

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MP4 is short for MPEG4 (Motion Pictures Expert Group) Part 14; it was created in 1998. This format is also known as MPEG-4 AVC, where AVC stands for Advanced Video Coding. It is a multimedia container format that can keep both audio and video, it also can store subtitles and images using the ISO Base Media File Format. MP4 files have a good quality and can be open with most players. MP4 can replace MP3 in many ways. Unlike MP4, MP3 handles audio only. MP3 (original name MPEG - 1 Audio Layer 3) was developed by a group of engineers from Europe. Originally MP3 wasn't supposed to become a standard audio format as a lot of frequencies were cut to make it lighter, that characterizes MP3 as lossy.


First of all you need to select a program that will help you to extract audio out of video file. Such software as Any Medias to Mp3 Converter, 4Free Video Converter or Power Video Converter will perfectly do the task for you. When you press download, you will have to choose and memorize the location of the containing folder. It can be saved in Program files / Program files (x86) folder by default. In this case after the download is over you will need to go to My Computer - Disc C - Program files / Program files (x86), and look for the folder with the name of the program you chose (or EXE setup file). Click on the folder and find a setup file. Click on it - it will launch the installation manager that will give you brief and clear instructions so you can install the program and get it running. After that you can open audio with this program and just press Convert.

If you don't want to install anything onto your PC, use online converters. Upload your file, wait for it to convert and download converted file back onto your PC. However such converters work slower than those ones that are installed, you are risking to catch viruses or damage to file you are converting.


We hope you will easily convert MP4 to MP3. Even though the quality of MP3 files is lower than that of WAV or MP4, it is still the most popular audio format that any player or any device can open. Plus MP3 format is the one that is compatible with all the audio players and portable devices as well.

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