How to Convert MOV to MP4

Alice90 Jun 2, 2014


How to Convert MOV to MP4 When you film things with a camera, all your videos are saved in MOV format. Unfortunately, they won't work on certain devices like your iPod or cell phone, and conversion is the only scenario for you in this case. This article dwells upon several powerful programs that can convert your MOV files to a more widespread MP4.

Format Factory

Format Factory is a popular tool that can convert anything to pretty much any format. MOV and MP4 are not the exceptions. It not only converts files but also restores the damaged data and allows you to work with really troublesome videos.

The program has really convenient presets that allow you to convert all to mobile device, all to MP4, all to WMV, etc. To convert your MOV files, import the MOV file that you want to convert, and then go to the Video tab and hit All to MP4 option. This program is highly recommended for novice users who don't really understand how all these conversion things work. They can totally rely on the presets and allow the program complete the process automatically.

Free ALLConverter to MP4 Phone

If you want to save on RAM and download the converter that only deals with MP4 files, Free ALLConverter to MP4 Phone can be your option. As the title suggests, it converts multiple video formats to MP4. It helps you to save some time on figuring out the formats and customization settings. Again, all you need to do is import the file that you want to convert to MP4 and hit the Convert button.


The process may take a long time if you work with a really long and bulky file. Usually, short clips are converted within about ½ of the total time, but in many cases the process runs quicker.


Converting troublesome MOV files to MP4 will allow you to watch your clips on all sorts of MP4 players, including iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, PS3, Blackberry, etc. Just make sure the converter that you use works with MOV and MP4. Feel free to use one of the tools that we have suggested in this tutorial and the positive results are guaranteed.

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