How to Compress a Pdf

GimpuFan Jan 21, 2014


How to Compress a Pdf PDF is a format that allow you to open files of its extension without rights to edit them. This is its main difference from, for example, DOC or XLS files, where editing is available at any second of their existence. PDF files are able to contain both graphic and textual information and they are widely used for storing books and documents or any other documents that should be protected from being edited. The format itself is a rather compact one however, if you need to transfer a PDF file for example, via email the size of an attached files should be a limited one. If a size of your PDF file is way too big, you can compress it.

Ways to Compress PDF

Special PDF compressing software

There are such programs as Advanced PDF Compressor, Free PDF Compressor, Nice PDF Compressor that are created specially for managing this task. You need to download and install these software apps first and then use them according to their functions and interface.

Online PDF compressing tools

Cvision, Neevia Technology and VeryPDF websites have online PDF compressors integrated into their websites. You can upload a file, it would be converted on a web server of the company and then you will need to download new compressed file onto your computer. On comparing to the first method, this one requires way more time. If you are going to compress PDF files on a regular basis, it's better to download and setup a software for PDF compression onto your laptop or computer.

WinZip, WinRar or 7Zip

This method will work for you if the file of PDF format is too bid for transmitting it. You can just create its archive file using WinZip, WinRAR or its open source alternative 7-Zip to archive it into zip or rar format.

Change DPI to 200 an lower

If you are at the process of scanning a document into PDF format and you realize that its size is way too big - lower the resolution up to at least 200. This would reduce the size of a file for sure.

Transfer PDF into textual form using ABBYY Fine Reader

ABBYY FineReader is a software for text recognition. Doc files take considerably less space than PDF once so you can transfer a PDF file into text.

Transfer PDF into textual form using standard function of Adobe Acrobat Pro

The amount of functions of this program will be sufficient enough for each and any person who regularly works with PDF file. Compressing PDF files is one of the standard functions that is available while using Adobe Acrobat Pro.


PDF files are more common in regular life of a user than it first might seem. As any other format, they have their cons and pros. The trick is to be able to take benefits from the positive features and deal with the negative ones. Ability to compress PDF files is one of latter ones.

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