How to Combine Pdf Files into One

Sandu Jan 6, 2014


How to Combine Pdf Files into One PDF (stands for the Portative Document Format) is one of the most popular formats for storing documents. There is a number of reasons for that:

  • PDF files are extremely convenient to share over the Internet;
  • PDF is the only format that preserves formatting as it is when sharing documents over the web;
  • PDF protects you rights as it doesn't allow changing the document;
  • PDF can contain more than one document, PDF files can be combined in one multi-page document;
  • It is one of the most convenient formats for storing documents on your PC;
  • It can be open on any PC, no matter what OS you are using, you just have to have a PDF reader.


Google Docs

If you don't have a PDF viewer, you can upload PDF file to Google Docs: add it to your Google account and view it online. After you upload your PDF files you can convert them into Google Doc format, combine, and download them back onto your PC as PDF files.

If you have the copy of this document in doc., it is better to use a Google Doc method - it is safe and doesn't involve downloading questionable software. Google Docs - full analog of Microsoft Office 2013, that includes analogs of Excel, PowerPoint, Paint and etc. When using Google Docs you don't have to be afraid that your PC may crash - all the changes are saved online (automatically). It is a great back up.

PDF combiner

If you have to combine 100 files - too much trouble. In this case you better use special software for merging PDF files into one. Majority of such tools are very easy to use, you only need to note which files you want to gather together and in which order. Opt for such reliable and powerful software programs as PdfFactory, PDF Split and Merge, PdfMerge, Quick PDF Tools. Download and install them onto your computer for a high speed of PDF files combining.

Google Docs vs PDF combiner

We would recommend using Google Docs if you want to combine PDF files into one only as a single action. This process would also mostly depend on the speed of your Internet connection, so it might take some time.

If you need to merge PDF files on a regular basis and you want to proceed this in no time - turn to help of software programs.


Combining PDF files is convenient for many reasons: you can keep scans of all the documents in one file - easy to store and organize. Combining PDF pages is also every convenient for e-book users. Follow these simple tips and arranging your documents won't be a problem for you.

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