How to Burn a Cd

GimpuFan Dec 28, 2013


How to Burn a Cd Today, storing information on CDs is still one of the most popular ways of long-term information keeping. First of all, as soon as a CD is burnt, it can be kept for like forever since nothing can possibly happen with the information recorded. In addition to that, regular CD contains up to 700 MB of space with is sufficient enough for storing a full-length movie or 2 episodes of your favorite TV series or more than 100 of songs.

Of course there are people who might say that CDs are out-of-date and soon nobody would use them, external HDD and flash disks are the future. But even on comparing to these high-capacity data storages CDs have one huge and really important advantage - they are way cheaper than expensive transportable hard disk drives. So if you are willing to save some money - don't rush to buy a fancy external HDD, learn how to burn a CD instead.


You can possibly burn a CD with either an in-built Windows CD burning helper or a special software program that you need first download and install.

Burning a CD on Windows

As we've mentioned before, Windows has an in-built CD burning program with a wizard to help you during the process. Execute the following steps and get your CD ready in mere minutes:

  • Place new CD into CD-Rom of your computer or laptop;
  • Prepare a folder, into which you need to put all the files which you want to be recorded;
  • Single right-click on this folder, choose the line "Send" from the drop-down list, and then choose DVD-RW drive (or CD-RW drive);
  • You'll receive a pop-up window that'll ask you to name a CD, and to record files as a storage or as an audio CD - chose the way you want your CD to be burnt and give it a name. Press Next button;
  • By pushing this button you'll initiate the CD burning process;
  • After this process is over, open My Computer folder, click on the DVD-RW drive (or CD-RW drive) with right mouse button and choose "Close session" option. Now your CD is perfectly ready.

Burning a CD using software

  • The most popular CD burning software is a programs called Nero Multimedia Suite. Download this software onto your computer and install it;
  • Run the software program;
  • Prepare a folder with your files to be burnt on a CD in advance;
  • Insert a clean CD into your CD-ROM;
  • Choose the way how you want this CD to be burnt - as a data storage, Audio CD, CD with movies of pictures;
  • After you make your decision you'll receive a pop-up windows, here you can add files by clicking on button with green cross saying "Add";
  • After you've added all the files you want to be burnt push the "Next";
  • Select new name for your CD and press the button saying "Burn". In just a couple of minutes your new CD will be perfectly ready.


Keeping your data safe on CDs is always better than not taking care of safety of important information. CDs is a one easy, very fast and not that expensive way to backup your important data. Unlike USB memory sticks, CDs are less likely to be lost or to be erased. So burning CD with important information that you want to keep in a long-term way could be a great option.

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