How to Burn MP3 CD

Sandu Jun 5, 2014


How to Burn MP3 CD If you need to record an optical disc with MP3 audio tracks that means you need to burn a CD disc in CD-ROM (ISO). It is possible to do that with the help of your computer properties, additional burning software or even media player tools. Basically the main point of the whole process is to burn the MP3 files with short names to a CD without creating any folder structure. The matter is that some audio players or portable devices don't support folder system as they simply can't recognize folders. Another important thing is than not all the players are able to read CD-RW discs that's why you should better use CD-R ones for burning music files to them.

User's Manual

Use the properties of your computer

  • Insert your blank CD disc in CD-ROM and wait for the dialog window to appear on your computer screen;
  • View the dialog window called New Project. Select Multisession tab and tick the box "No multisession";
  • Open ISO tab. Set up all the necessary parameters. Choose the minimal file name length, Mode 1 format and untick the box Joliet. It is necessary to select these parameters because not all the players recognize the long file names;
  • Using the main menu choose the command "Add files to project". In the file browsing window select the tracks you wish to burn to your CD. Make sure you don't exceed the maximum capacity of your CD;
  • Choose the Burn tab. Tick the boxes Burn and Finalize CD. That will mean that further burning will be impossible. Click the urn button and wait for the burning process to be completed.

Using burning software tools

  • Download and install burning software program such as Nero Burning Rom, Express Burn, Ashampoo Burning Studio or Nero Multimedia Suite;
  • Insert CD into CD-ROM and open this program;
  • Choose the type of disc you wish to get. In this case it would be an MP3 CD;
  • Add all the necessary files and watch the amount data not to exceed the disc capacity;
  • If there are some additional services you may use them. For example Nero software series also offer to design the album cover. In case you don't wish any extra services you may skip them;
  • Click Burn or OK button to launch the process;
  • Take out the freshly burnt disc and click "Ready" to close the program.


In case you wish to use special burning software you may follow the second instruction. The matter is that all these programs are based on one and the same principle. You just choose disc type and all the parameters are set automatically. Basically the point of using additional software is to automatize the setting up process and skip adjusting parameters.

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