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When the video part of a file has a zero value for you while the audio part is exceptionally important, you can go for a special type of conversion which turns your video files into audio. This particular tutorial dwells upon MPEG-4 to MP3 conversion. We will explain how to use special programs to extract...

How to Burn MP3 CD

  Jun 5, 2014

If you need to record an optical disc with MP3 audio tracks that means you need to burn a CD disc in CD-ROM (ISO). It is possible to do that with the help of your computer properties, additional burning software or even media player tools. Basically the main point of the whole process is to burn the...

What do we do when we hear some bogus news or facts about ridiculous or weird stuff? Right you are, we go to google it. Some people google themselves to see if someone has already created their fanclub or on the contrary people are gossiping behind the back. Others google their Exes just to find out...

How to Use Daemon tools

  Jun 3, 2014

Daemon Tools is a highly powerful but pretty lightweight application for creating ISO images. For those who don't know, ISO image is a clone of a disc that completely emulates it even if you don't use a physical drive. Daemon Tools are commonly used to create ISO images of the games and other CDs/DVDs...

When you film things with a camera, all your videos are saved in MOV format. Unfortunately, they won't work on certain devices like your iPod or cell phone, and conversion is the only scenario for you in this case. This article dwells upon several powerful programs that can convert your MOV files to...
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